The MCU Will Reportedly Introduce Thanos Variants Soon


Thanks to Loki, variants are now all the rage. The recent Disney Plus series established that the multiverse is full of alternate versions of familiar characters who can be as different from the ones we know as possible. See Alligator Loki, for example. The incoming animated anthology show What If…? will double down on this concept, exploring a different reality each week. Expect to meet countless variants of the Avengers, the Guardians and more in that series.

And, somewhere in the franchise, we’re going to meet some variants of those heroes’ greatest enemy, too. We’ve heard from our reliable sources – the same ones who told us about Captain America 4 being in the works before it was announced – that we will see multiple variants of Thanos in the future of the MCU. Specific details about where they could show up are unknown at this point, but we can say that one of these variants of the Mad Titan will be small and weak.

In typical MCU style, Loki derived a lot of comedy from how the variants introduced juxtaposed with the characters we know. Like Frog Thor, who we only got to see for an all-too-brief cameo. So it’s easy to imagine a meek, weakling Thanos turning being used in a similar way. This seems like a concept that could factor into What If…? season 2, which we know is coming, but our sources didn’t confirm whether Weak Thanos will appear in live-action or animation.

What we can say is that Josh Brolin is reprising his role as the ubervillain in What If…? season 1. We know from the poster that one episode will feature Gamora in Thanos‘ armor, suggesting she bested her dad in one reality. Or maybe it was because he was weak and not up to the task of conquering the universe? We’ll find out when the series premieres Wednesday, August 11th on Disney Plus.