The 10 funniest ‘Halloween Ends’ memes

'Halloween Ends' has 58 million reasons to ignore the critical bashing following box office debut
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There are major spoilers for Halloween Ends

Four years after Michael Myers’ mass slaughter in Haddonfield, the townsfolk and the audience are in for an unexpected twist in the story. This has emerged in the form of a new killer, Corey Cunningham (Joseph Quin). His transmogrification from a murder-accused babysitter and a bullied high school student into a cold-blooded murderer in the movie has received mixed reviews from critics and fans. While some were glad to see this slight deviation from what seems to be an eternal dual between Myers and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), others expressed resentment towards Myers making a cameo appearance in his own movie towards the end.

Between the excitement and thrill of witnessing the fate of Michael Myers and the dissatisfaction over the lousy killing of a larger-than-life iconic villain, social media is replete with some of the funniest memes about almost every ill-fated plotline. Let’s have a look at 10 of the best Halloween Ends memes amidst the gruesome killings.

The final entry of the iconic slasher film was boring

Not everyone was happy with the turning point of the story transforming Corey into The Shape. There were many complaints about his collaboration with Myers, and basically the 40 minutes devoted to a high school teen romance that didn’t imply any ominous presence of a killer. Yes, the plot reeks of boredom and bears the power to push one into a deep siesta.

Dissatisfaction with the franchise’s end

The ending of the franchise’s final movie was a letdown for many fans. The disappointment is absolutely understandable.

One killer’s fate is another’s delicacy

The final sequence of the film saw Michael’s body being pushed into a car shredder by his greatest nemesis and her granddaughter, Allyson. The mutilation of a body implied in the scene is linked to one of the most iconic horror villains of all time, Hannibal Lecter.

There’s a need to pay a mandatory homage to the predecessor.

When fans start paying homage to Halloween Kills, the least-liked Halloween film, then you simply know that it’s bad.

It was all about the new kid in town

There were jabs at Corey’s forceful transformation into a killer still strikes the fans as an enigma. The intense fight between Corey and Laurie is enough to replace the original horror icon with a new face.

When Laurie overshared

But who could have imagined Laurie as the coolest grandma in the world?

The ultimate collaboration

Everyone feels and cries for the fearful killer.

Many plotlines didn’t make any sense

The inconsistent storyline and plot development were also pointed out.

Seriously, what was the whole point of Corey Cunningham?

We cannot get over how pointless and insignificant Corey’s role was in the movie.

Approaching exhaustion can be horrifying

In possibly one of the most gruesome scenes and shocking kills of the movie, a man at the radio station gets his tongue cut out. The graphic scene petrified the audience and can be regarded as one of the most unexpected murders. However, its association with the dreaded upcoming Monday does lighten the mood to a certain extent.  

While the viewers continue to engage in their love-hate relationship with Halloween Ends, there are plenty of scenes and plotlines which haven’t escaped the popular attention. The unending hilarious memes are a testimony to it.