The 7 best Minions in the ‘Despicable Me’ franchise

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After the first Despicable Me movie premiered in 2010, it snagged the attention of children and adults alike. Just about everyone was obsessed with the little yellow creatures and their hilarious sense of humor.

The first movie focused on an evil villain named Gru, voiced by Steve Carell. His diabolical plan to capture the moon and keep it for himself was about to work out in his favor until the army of bright yellow beings got in his way. They figured out how to block his treacherous plot! These are seven of the best, funniest, and most unforgettable minions from the Despicable Me franchise.


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Phil is one of the minions from the franchise who deserves way more screen time. His choice to wear a maid outfit makes him unforgettable in the scenes where he does chores such as vacuuming and random organization. He’s one of the minions who has two eyes and short spiky hair on top of his head. Some of his biggest moments include the time he was spotted in the ice cave, the time he sipped hot coffee at a café, and the time he witnessed Gru get interrupted by Otto.


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The reason Jorge is one of the more memorable minions is that he was part of one of the most iconic Despicable Me moments ever. He’s the minion who sat down on a photocopy machine to make an image of his own bottom. Just like Phil, he also has two eyes and short spiky hair, but he’s visually different due to the fact that he is a little wider than the other minions. He appeared in all three of the original Despicable Me movies and even appeared in the scene when Jerry was confronted by a prisoner to get his ball back.


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It’s hard to forget a minion like Dave after he was able to pull off one of the greatest feats ever. He disguised himself as an evil minion, even though he always had good intentions. He’s a minion with two eyes who wears his stringy hair parted down the middle. While plenty of other minions let their hair go wherever it goes without any regard, Dave is the type of minion who actually puts forth a bit of effort when it comes to his appearance.

Since Dave has been part of some of the most chaotic Despicable Me scenes ever, he is certainly one of the best characters to consider. You might remember him from the time he chanted “mini boss,” the time he helped decorate Gru’s house with a group of girls, and the time he decided he wanted to adopt a puppy.


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Carl is a plump minion who spends time with the rest of his crew, having fun and wreaking havoc as he sees fit. When he buzzed through a room saying “Bee-Do” into a megaphone, he proved that he could be equally cute and annoying at the same time. The only reason Carl stopped the incessant behavior is that he was sprayed down by a fire extinguisher. Viewers might remember the time Carl played with a toilet plunger pressed against the wall or the time he got hit by Tim’s ping-pong racket.


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Kevin stands out among other minions due to his stature. He’s way taller than a lot of his comrades. Instead of having a lot of hair covering his entire head, he only has a small sprout of hair that sticks out in the center. Since he is part of the main trio of minions, it’s impossible to ignore his presence in the franchise. Interestingly enough, Kevin is the first minion who was ever mentioned by name.


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Stuart is a minion who only has one eye behind his silver goggles. Along with Kevin, he’s also part of the main trio. He’s always getting involved in different shenanigans! Some of his funniest moments include the time he flirted with a fire hydrant, the time he was used as a bright shining glow stick, and the time he sprayed Carl down with the fire extinguisher. He is known for being highly intelligent, skillful, and playful.


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The third and most important member of the main trio of minions is Bob. If you pay close enough attention to Bob, you’ll notice that his two eyes are slightly different colors. One of his eyes is green while the other is brown. His mismatched eyes hint at his silly and fun personality from toting a teddy bear around to trying to catch a butterfly before accidentally falling into a void. Bob was the minion who seemed to be more impressed by New York City than any of the others.