‘The Accountant’ producer offers status update on the sequel

The Accountant

Gavin O’Connor’s The Accountant was a solid sleeper hit when it first hit theaters in October 2016, ultimately going on to earn $155 million at the box office on a $44 million budget, despite audiences getting much more of a kick out of it than critics.

Ben Affleck starred as mathematics genius Christian Wolff, who secretly lives a double life cooking the books and overseeing the financial operations of various criminal organizations, while he also happens to be an expertly-trained killer that’s just as deadly in hand-to-hand combat as he is with firearms.

A sequel was initially announced in June of 2017, but the last concrete update we heard came back in September of last year, when O’Connor revealed he had plans to round things off with a third installment, too. In an interview with ScreenRant, producer Mark Williams offered another encouraging tidbit regarding the second chapter.

“The news I can give you right now is that it’s a work in progress. We’re working on the script right now and we all have high hopes that it’s going to move forward as we planned, but yes, we’re all excited about it and we’re hoping to see in come out very soon as well.”

Affleck and Jon Bernthal will presumably need to be locked down before a start date for production can be agreed, but at least we know The Accountant 2 remains in active development, even if we’re fast closing in on half a decade since the project was first revealed to be in the works.