‘The Adam Project’ director shares BTS video from final shot on set

the adam project

Shawn Levy, director of instantly-beloved The Adam Project, is sharing an emotional look at the wrap of the film, and sending a special message to friend and star Ryan Reynolds.

“There’s the thing you make, but there’s the experience making it,” Levy begins, as he praises the journey of creating the film. You can sense the emotion in his voice as he begins to honor the often billed “funny-guy” Reynolds.

Levy points out that everyone knows Reynolds is funny and that he works hard — that’s not a secret to anyone in the business, or to fans. However, The Adam Project allows for ‘the secret,’ as a choked-up Levy calls it, to be revealed.

“But on this movie, we see the heart on this guy, we see the chops — and I felt privileged to be a part of bringing that out. I adore you, and I adore making things with you, and that’s a picture wrap on Ryan Reynolds.”

Reynolds is emotional as Levy sings his praises, but he couldn’t have spoken truer words. The humor might initially attract people to Reynolds in any capacity, but the heart of the man is what keeps them there. The Adam Project was the perfect opportunity to look into the multi-faceted actor and person he is, and it is a treat for all of us. As Reynolds drew inspiration from the loss of his father in the movie, you can sense the authenticity of the emotions.

You can watch The Adam Project streaming on Netflix now.