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‘The Batman’ fan art recasts Robert Pattinson’s chin in other iconic roles

This hilarious 'The Batman' fan art recasts Robert Pattinson's chin in other iconic movie roles known for their flawless jawlines.

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This viral piece of The Batman fan art recasts Robert Pattinson’s chin in other iconic movie roles known for their flawless jawlines. While the former Twilight star’s portrayal of the Bruce Wayne side of the character has divided fans, no one can argue that Pattinson isn’t a terrific Batman, with one of the reasons he’s so great for the part being his shapely chin, which just looks right poking out of the Dark Knight’s cowl.

It gets you to thinking, then — which other characters most identifiable by their jawlines would Pattinson be perfect for? Fan artist @houseofmat has shared their own pitches for roles the Tenet actor could’ve played if he hadn’t been snapped up by DC in a viral post. As well as editing his Batman design, the artist imagined how Pattinson could look portraying RoboCop, Judge Dredd, Cyclops, and Wolverine. Check the brilliant pieces out via the following Instagram post:

When you think about it, three out of four of these characters actually have a fair amount in common with Batman, so it’s kind of easy to imagine Pattinson playing them in some kind of gritty reboot. For instance, if Karl Urban’s not up for doing another Dredd, then someone should give R-Patz a call. The only one who’s probably a bit too squeaky-clean to suit Pattinson’s tastes is Scott Summers, although — again — his chin still looks the part under that visor.

As it is, the British performer is likely pinned down by his commitments to the DC universe for the foreseeable. Pattinson has admitted that he’s had talks with director Matt Reeves about making a trilogy together, and you can bet that’s something Warner Bros. will want after The Batman‘s enormous box office success. Looks like someone else is going to have to play Wolverine in the MCU. Good luck finding someone with a Pattinson-level chin, Marvel.

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