The Batman Fans Are Already Convinced Joker Is Coming

The Batman

Well, that didn’t take long. It’s been a little over twelve hours since the brand new trailer for The Batman premiered at DC FanDome, and the internet is already awash with rumor, conjecture, scuttlebutt and speculation that the Joker is on his way to Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s rebooted mythology.

While it would be nice to see an entire franchise revolving around the Dark Knight that doesn’t rope in the Clown Prince of Crime for a change, the chances remain high that the comic book icon’s arch-nemesis will show up at some point, if only for the fact he’s never too far behind.

However, a lot of fans appear to be jumping to conclusions already that the Joker will either be teased overtly during The Batman or set up as an antagonist for the sequel, as you can see from the chatter below.

It’s only natural for The Batman to produce such talk, when the two characters have been so closely linked for decades on the big screen, television, comics, video games and countless other forms of media. Whether it happens or not remains entirely up for debate, but you’d think the first installment of the rebooted series might be a touch too soon, especially when Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker only released two years ago.