The Joker Will Reportedly Cameo In The Batman

Joker Dark Knight

We’ve been hearing a lot about Matt Reeves’ The Batman in recent weeks, from some fresh glimpses of Robert Pattinson’s look as the Dark Knight, to potential spoilers over what the plot will involve. The latest report from Giant Freakin Robot is pretty big if true, in that it claims the Joker will be turning up in the movie.

Now, we’ve received various theories related to whether or not the villain will have a role to play in the Pattinson Batman films, and we’d have to take this new story with a grain of salt as a result. According to Giant Freakin Robot, the Joker will make an appearance at the conclusion of The Batman, setting up a larger part in the sequels.

Taken further, reports are indicating that there’ll be multiple antagonists in the 2022 release, including ones that have been confirmed like Penguin, Catwoman, and the Riddler, but also Mr. Freeze and now the Joker. However, what isn’t clear is who is likely to inhabit the character, especially seeing as Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto are most probably not from the same universe as the Pattinson Bruce Wayne.

At this point, we could end up with an overload of Joker depictions on screen, with Joker 2 seeming to be on the table, and Leto still not completely out of consideration for future projects. The other complicating factor is how much, if at all, Pattinson will cross over into DC’s cinematic multiverse, particularly if he does get established as the main incarnation of the hero.

Of course, it’s not too far-fetched to see the the Clown Prince of Crime in The Batman, given that the initial Burtonverse and Nolanverse entries both used him, albeit only as a passing reference in Batman Begins. From what we know about Reeves’ picture, though, the emphasis seems to be on Bruce Wayne’s early adventures and an absence of overtly theatrical villains, meaning that if we do get a Joker cameo, it’ll just be a teaser for the next instalment in the franchise.