‘The Batman’: fans go berserk over new posters featuring Dark Knight and Catwoman

the batman
Image via DC Films

Two brand new posters have been released for The Batman, the upcoming film starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight and Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman, two characters featured prominently in the new promotional art.

In the first image, we see Batman and Catwoman gazing stoically at a golden-hour-glazed Gotham City skyline, perhaps a further indication the pair will team up against Paul Dano’s Riddler and maybe even Colin Farrell’s Penguin, as has been hinted at in some of the trailers.

In the second image, we see an extreme close up of Batman’s face, complete with his battle-worn cowl and five o’clock shadow jawline, with the motto “Unmask the Truth.” This is also possibly hinting at a plot point in the movie revolving around the sins of the Wayne family.

It has been revealed in trailers so far that the Wayne family is a particular target for Riddler for some unnamed past misdeed. Some dialogue in the trailers seems to hint at Andy Sekris’ Alfred Pennyworth is keeping family secrets from Bruce Wayne and Pattinson himself has said his version of the Dark Knight won’t be a straight-up hero.

Upon the reveal of the images from the official Twitter Movies account Wednesday, of which were retweeted by Warner Bros., fans on the social media site were absolutely in love with Pattinson’s grimacing mug.

The poster featuring the Cat and the Bat also got fans hyped about all the chemistry we’ve seen of the pair in the trailers so far.

The Batman swoops into theaters March 4.