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Matt Reeves Says The Batman Is Coming Together “Really, Really Well”

Development on The Batman is coming along really, really well, according to Matt Reeves, who told one curious Twitter user that he simply couldn't be more excited for the Dark Knight's next solo adventure.

As far as standalone DCEU projects go, few have garnered the same degree of excitement and genuine enthusiasm as The Batman.

Tentatively announced during the build-up to Justice League, Warner Bros. has since appointed Matt Reeves as writer, director and producer of the Caped Crusader’s next solo outing, which is purportedly eyeing a release date in May of 2020. Should that timeline hold true, The Batman ought to be filming sometime next year, by which point WB will be on the verge of launching the likes of Shazam! and Wonder Woman 2.

So despite a somewhat shaky start (see: Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman), the DCEU still has plenty of top-tier content coming down the pipeline, and though he’s currently unable to divulge any story details, Matt Reeves took to Twitter earlier this morning (h/t CBM) to confirm that The Batman is coming together “really, really well.”

Not only that, but he’s also incredibly excited about what’s to come, regardless of whether Ben Affleck dons the cape and cowl one final time. Indeed, speculation has been rife that the era of Batfleck is coming to an end, and that Matt Reeves has his eye trained on either Jon Hamm or Jake Gyllenhaal to become the next Dark Knight.

Still no update on that front just yet, but here’s the latest shred of intel pertaining to The Batman, courtesy of Reeves:

Short and sweet, then, but for those DC fans pining for the next chapter in Batman’s story, this is a reassuring update to what has been one of the most contested DCEU properties yet. Ben Affleck’s rumored exit is one thing, but the sheer level of secrecy that’s surrounded The Batman has driven fans up the walls. So here’s hoping for news of a firm release date/casting announcement before too long.

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