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‘The Batman’ receives Critics Choice Association’s Seal of Distinction

Director Matt Reeves taking a neo-noir approach to 'The Batman' has proved to be a winning recipe with critics.

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The Batman is being honored by the Critics Choice Association’s Seal of Distinction this week after garnering largely positive reviews from critics upon its opening in theaters last week.

The organization, which also holds an annual Critics Choice Awards (the latest of which will be held this Sunday), made the announcement over Twitter.

As explained on the Critics Choice Awards’ Facebook page, the honor is given to new movies that receive a high critics’ rating score in weekly voting by the Critics Choice Association. Some recent films that have been honored with the distinction include Spider-Man: No Way Home and Cyrano, according to the organization’s website.

In our We Got This Covered’s review of the film, we talked about the theme of The Batman where the story goes back to its main character’s roots as a noir tale and gets an almost flawless execution. The assessment was largely in line with the opinions aired by critics everywhere, as the movie boasts an impressive 85% critical score on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

Director Matt Reeves certainly had a hill to climb making a Batman film that could stand out among its acclaimed predecessors, such as Christopher Nolan’s trilogy and the Tim Burton-directed films about the caped savior of Gotham. However, taking a mystery thriller approach to the character, where Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is on a deadline to solve a mystery, has proven to be a winning recipe for the most part.

There was also plenty of action to keep things exciting and a number of stand-out supporting actors, like Zoë Kravitz’s layered Catwoman and Colin Farrell’s unrecognizable turn as the villainous Penguin.

The Batman is in theaters now.

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