RUMOR: Deathstroke Still Involved In The Batman, But Lex Luthor Will Be Pulling The Strings


Is there another project in Hollywood that has attracted the same number of conflicting reports as The Batman?

Even before Matt Reeves signed on to direct, the mooted DC solo flick was dogged by countless rumors – rumors that have only intensified now that Justice League is out in the wild. The latest concerns Ben Affleck and, specifically, his future in the DC Extended Universe.

Despite going on record time and time again about his commitment to the role, recently there have been some tell-tale signs that Affleck’s time in the cape and cowl is coming to an end, with Reeves said to be eyeing up Jake Gyllenhaal as a potential replacement. If true, it would have massive ramifications for the DCEU, as Gyllenhaal would surely take point for the inevitable Justice League sequel.

But until we have some answers to those questions, Reddit has uncovered a new 4chan leak that claims to have some fresh intel on The Batman. It’s speculative and full of story claims that are, frankly, pie in the sky, but we’ve included it after the jump in case you’re wary of potential spoilers.

Still with us? This alleged ‘leak’ comes to us by way of the DCEU subreddit, so bear that in mind before you jump straight in. And, well, if even a fraction of this claim is true, The Batman will be a star-studded epic that spans decades.

Batman takes on Deathstroke. This is a Bruce Wayne story that spans decades. Slade Wilson has been following Bruce his entire time [sic], ever since the League of Assassins – Slade was there when Bruce trained. Lots of Batman villain cameos – Deathstroke is going to release some to remind Batman of all his failures (Robin died, guys…no Jason Todd/Robin). Lots of flashbacks showing how Batman became what he is in the current DCEU. Bat Family helps in the end. Bruce sees all his work is paying off. Again, Lex Luthor was pulling the strings. MAYBE one JL cameo, but we’ll see – from Flash time traveling again to speak with younger Bruce.

Not only that, but Deathstroke will be involved, which would no doubt bode well for Joe Manganiello’s fledgling DCEU career. He’s in negotiations to headline a spinoff movie from The Raid‘s Gareth Evans, along with a possible Justice League sequel.

Meanwhile, The Batman is said to be targeting a mid-2018 production start and, by effect, a 2019 release. Stay tuned for more.