Killer New Photo Of Joe Manganiello As Deathstroke Surfaces


For the longest time, Deathstroke was a rather obscure DC character. But, thanks in large part to Arrow, the world’s deadliest mercenary permeated the mainstream, with appearances in video games such as Batman: Arkham Origins and animated films like Son of Batman also doing wonders to help his cause.

Much to our delight, Slade Wilson’s future is looking brighter than ever now, as the character recently appeared in a post-credits scene for Justice League, in addition to Warner Bros. kicking around the idea for a solo film. As such, one can only hope that we see him fulfill his next contract before long.

In the meantime, a never-before-seen photo of Joe Manganiello in full Deathstroke regalia has surfaced thanks to Instagram user “Heroic.Gateway,” before later finding its way to Reddit. In it, we see him flanked by what appear to be extras from the aforementioned post-credits scene that took place on Lex Luthor’s yacht.

Furthermore, we get a clearer look showing that his iteration of the character may have been in the game a bit longer than Manu Bennett’s, thanks to his hair and goatee being entirely white. Well, it’s either that or Zack Snyder wanted him to more closely resemble his comic book counterpart.

Where we’ll see Deathstroke next, however, is anybody’s guess. Even as a fan of Justice League, I’m well aware of how it’s under-performing at the box office, so I’m not holding my breath for a sequel. Still, Manganiello is so perfectly suited for the role that WB had better put him in something else soon enough, whether it be a solo flick, The Batman, Nightwing or even Suicide Squad 2. Seriously, to tease us with something this awesome and not deliver is cruel and unusual punishment.