The Batman Runtime Reportedly Revealed

the batman

The DCEU is about to have a big week as they prepare for the DC FanDome this weekend. Among the biggest things to premiere during the event is the newest trailer for The Batman. While DC has some big projects coming out in the future, the Caped Crusader’s latest adventure is the most anticipated.

Starring Robert Pattinson in the titular role, The Batman is directed by Matt Reeves and is set to come out on March 4th, 2022. Plot details have mostly been kept under wraps, but we do know that the Riddler, played by Paul Dano, is set to be the main bad guy. The Riddler has been a more campy villain in the past, but it appears he’s getting reinvented in The Batman.

ViewerAnon on Twitter claims that The Batman has been screened again and dug up some more info. According to the Twitter user, the film is nearly three hours long, and he refers to it as a “full-blown noir film.”

ViewerAnon also dropped some plot details. Apparently, the film takes place during Halloween and Batman spends little time outside of his suit. Also, the Riddler was compared to Jigsaw from the Saw series.

Jigsaw was always sort of an R-rated Riddler, so it makes sense that that’s where they’d take the character in a more mature film. The Halloween angle will be notable to Batman fans, as The Long Halloween is one of the character’s most iconic comic book stories. The Riddler is featured in that story but is not the main villain in the end. While all of this information is interesting and exciting, the most important question will regard whether the film is good. Per ViewerAnon, people are resonating really well with The Batman.

Batman is DC’s most popular character so they’ve got a lot riding on this new film. Fortunately, the early signs are positive that Reeves and company nailed the project.