The Batman Trailer Seemingly Confirms Leaked Spoilers

the batman

The latest full-length trailer for The Batman debuted yesterday at DC FanDome, and it goes without saying that the consensus has been wildly positive so far. It may only be a couple of minutes long, but it’s gone a huge way to assuaging any and all doubts people may have over Robert Pattinson’s suitability for the title role.

The footage also gave us a much better idea of the plot, with the Dark Knight working overtime to topple a conspiracy that threatens to tear Gotham City apart, all while fending off multiple threats that include Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepott and newfound frenemy Selina Kyle.

Earlier this week, spoilers reportedly leaked online that claimed The Batman would be a nearly three-hour, full-blown detective story with heavy noir elements, one that positions Paul Dano’s Riddler as a Jigsaw-like figure. As per ComicBook, a lot of that information matches up with what’s on display in the trailer.

The runtime has yet to be confirmed, but it’s clear we’ll be seeing the World’s Greatest Detective living up to his name by utilizing his investigative skills. Those interactions between the Caped Crusader and Edward Nashton look to position him as a looming figure in the background of The Batman pulling the strings while imprisoned, very similar to not just Jigsaw, but Hannibal Lecter as well.