The Dark Knight Rises Will See The Return Of The Tumbler

SuperheroHype has The Dark Knight Rises scoop of the day. Readers have delivered photos of Batman’s favorite vehicle, the Tumbler, arriving to the Pittsburgh set of Christpher Nolan and Christian Bale‘s final Batman adventure, The Dark Knight Rises.

Although seemingly destroyed in The Dark Knight, it looks like the Tumbler will show up in the caped crusader’s third outing. Also seen in the photo below, covered in a blue tarp, is the Batpod. It will be interesting to see how fans react to this as I’m sure many of them are surprised at the vehicle’s appearance.

When it took a beating in the last film, fans likely expected that Nolan did this to make way for a new vehicle. That being said, a good handful of people will probably be pretty happy to see it back. Some of the best scenes in the past two Batman films have featured the exciting vehicle and hopefully with The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan will give us another exhilarating scene featuring the Tumbler.

Today’s set photos and this weekend’s arrival in theaters of the teaser trailer are just the latest in what will be a long and heavily hyped run leading up to the opening of The Dark Knight Rises on July 20th, 2012.