The Fate Of Angel Grove Hangs In The Balance In Two New TV Spots For Power Rangers

Angel Grove, what with its small population and sweeping vistas, isn’t the kind of location one might expect to find an apocalyptic showdown. And yet, that’s exactly what transpires in the latest pair of TV spots for Power Rangers, Lionsgate’s budding franchise-starter that is, at the time of writing, exactly one week from release.

Directed by Dean Israelite, the lavish actioner places five relative newcomers in the title roles. They are, in no particular order, Naomi Scott (Pink Ranger), RJ Cyler (Blue Ranger), Becky G (Yellow Ranger), Ludi Lin (Black Ranger), and Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery as Jason (Red Ranger), five drifters who come together for the greater good when Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) descends on Angel Grove.

Equipped with an alien army – and Goldar, of course – Rita Repulsa is a forced to be reckoned with, but thankfully, the Rangers have some allies to call upon. Just yesterday, we got a taste of the Command Center, and fans know all too well that Zordon (Bryan Cranston) resides deep underground with Alpha 5 (Bill Hader), the sprightly little helper who underwent a fairly radical makeover in time for Dean Israelite’s reboot.

Power Rangers crashes into theaters on March 24th. Assuming the box office numbers are to Lionsgate’s liking, it could herald the beginning of a newfound franchise for the studio, which is still searching for a marquee YA franchise to replace The Hunger Games and The Divergent Series. After all, despite a strong start, the latter is expected to finish its run via TV without many of its leading stars. Can Power Rangers be the one to pick up the mantle? We’ll find out sooner rather than later.