The Power Rangers Take A Deep Dive Into The Command Center Via New Clips

Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Billy and Zack take a deep dive into the Command Center in the latest pair of clips for Lionsgate’s Power Rangers reboot.

Headed up by director Dean Israelite, the imminent action-adventure flick is very much angled as a franchise revival of Saban’s ’90s phenomenon, and there’s been mooted reports of not one, not two, but five sequels springing into life in the not-do-distant future. Of course, those ambitious plans largely hinge on the release of Power Rangers late next week, and the buzz surrounding Israelite’s lavish reimagining is one of cautious optimism. To its credit, Lionsgate is going all-in on Dean Israelite’s vision; not only has the studio drafted in some big-name supporting players (see: Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks and Bill Hader), but the special effects on display here are fairly impressive.

Granted, they’re unlikely to go down as 2017’s best use of VFX, but as today’s second clip demonstrates (via IGN), Dean Israelite’s live-action feature is certainly easy on the eyes. In this instance, we see Zack (AKA Black Ranger) struggling to pilot his Zord – it’s the mastodon, for those of you keeping track – before Alpha 5 (Hader) lets out his signature catchphrase: “Ay-yi-yi!” It’s a clip that will no doubt tickle longtime Rangers fans, but will Lionsgate’s bold reboot be able to carve out an audience of its own in a few days’ time? Time will tell.

Power Rangers zooms into theaters on March 24th, and you may want to hang around after the credits roll on Lionsgate and Dean Israelite’s reboot. Those two new clips, meanwhile, can be viewed below.

Source: IGN