The first ‘M3GAN’ reactions are in, and it seems we’re bowing to a new queen of horror

Image via Blumhouse Productions

We previously reported on the possibility that Chucky could be going toe-to-toe with Dracula, the Wolf Man, and other Universal monsters sooner than we might think, but before the monarch of the killer doll subgenre can even think about that, he’ll have to stack up against the new girl in town who just so happens to be gunning for his crown.

M3GAN, the upcoming Jason Blum and James Wan-produced sci-fi horror, has finally given its first viewers permission to speak, and it sounds as though the titular android is bringing even more rousing thunder to an already surging horror genre.

Like a fair portion of some of this year’s best horror, M3GAN seems to be equally as deft a social commentary as it is an out-and-out spookfest, so those of us who sunk our teeth into the likes of Nope and Barbarian will be right at home with this animatronic menace.

The comparisons with the Child’s Play and Annabelle franchises were always going to be unavoidable, but Hoai-Tran Bui of Inverse suggested that the film’s biggest inspiration was actually Malignant, which only adds to the intrigue for those looking to catch a viewing.

In any case, everyone seems pretty sold on the idea of the eponymous robot doll being placed among some of horror’s most iconic slasher villains.

M3GAN follows toy roboticist Gemma, who suddenly finds herself taking care of her young niece, Cady, after her parents are killed in a car accident. Dubious about her parenting ability, she brings home M3GAN, a doll-like android with artificial intelligence intended to act as a best friend and mentor to children. But we all know what happens when AI gets brought into the mix, and its devotion to protecting Cady quickly devolves into bloodshed.

M3GAN will release to theaters on Jan. 6, 2023.