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The first reactions to ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ are in

Things are looking positive for the God of Thunder.

thor love and thunder
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Now that the premiere for Thor: Love and Thunder has taken place the verdict is in, and it seems Marvel has struck gold once again with another fun, vibrant Taika Waititi-led adventure.

Thor: Love and Thunder has received many positive early reactions from critics who were able to see the film at its premiere. Some of these praised the stars of the film highlighting Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster The Mighty Thor, and Christian Bale as the film’s villain Gorr the God Butcher.

Of course, Chris Hemsworth has also received his own fair share of praise again providing what by all accounts is a stellar performance as the God of Thunder.

Outside of the actor’s performances, the general feel and visuals of the movie were unanimously loved which shouldn’t be too much of a shock given the signature style that Waititi brought to the franchise when he took over for Thor: Ragnarok.

While there are similarities between these two films, inversedotcom’s Jacob Kleinman says that Love and Thunder is far more emotionally mature than its predecessor.

Journalist Eric Italiano said that the film is the funniest movie in the MCU so far with excellent jokes delivered perfectly by the movie’s cast. He did share some criticism of the film, however, sharing his thoughts that the plot had no stakes.

Here is a roundup of what people had to say about their first time seeing the film.

It won’t be long before everyone has a chance to see Thor: Love and Thunder the latest MCU film will arrive in theaters around the globe on July 8.

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