The Flash Reveals First Look At Michael Keaton’s Batman

Michael Keaton Batman

It’s been 30 years in the making, but just thirteen months from now, Michael Keaton will be returning to our screens as the Dark Knight for the first time since Batman Returns. The veteran’s return is enough reason to be excited for The Flash, but the DC FanDome teaser just blew our collective socks off.

Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen looks to have caused some serious multiversal havoc, which has captured the attention of an alternate reality’s Bruce Wayne. While we didn’t get to see Keaton in the flesh, something that’s more than likely being saved for a full-length promo, we did get a glimpse at those much-missed pointy ears of his, as you can see below.

No sign of Ben Affleck, though, which could lend further weight to the claims the SnyderVerse’s Batman is only sticking around for a glorified cameo, but we’re not really in a position to complain when we’re getting a substantially-sized performance from Keaton.

At 70 years old, the Academy Award nominee admitted that he wanted to sign on for The Flash to see if he could still do it. Based on his recent track record of acclaimed and often badass performances, we’re inclined to believe that he can.