The Flash Set Photos Tease Multiple Versions Of Barry Allen

The Flash

The project may have spent almost seven years in development hell before finally being dragged into production by fourth and final directorial hire Andy Muschietti, but the one constant about The Flash other than the presence of Ezra Miller in the title role is that the movie would lean heavily on the Flashpoint comic book arc for inspiration.

While very few big budget superhero epics offer a direct translation of the source material, the best ones crib the most important elements and reshape them into their own image, and we’re definitely getting that with Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton both involved as Batman. Shooting has been underway since April, but plot specifics are still non-existent, although we have gotten some great looks at Keaton, his Batmobile and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl.

However, a new batch of behind the scenes images could hint that Miller’s Barry Allen interacts with another version of himself from a different timeline, which could also explain the leaked photos that showed the actor sported a decidedly terrible haircut, but you can check out the latest snaps for yourself below.

Very recently we’ve been hearing that the villain of The Flash could be revealed as an alternate version of the Scarlet Speedster from another timeline, albeit one who happens to be evil. These latest pics could help verify that information, and the use of a double would also appear to indicate that the leading man will be pulling double duty at the very least, if we are indeed getting more than one Barry.

As always, we can’t say for sure, but with filming poised to enter the final stretch, it shouldn’t be too long until The Flash drops some official reveals.