The Flash Star Wants To Play Fantastic Four’s Human Torch

fantastic four human torch

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Fantastic Four reboot was trending recently for no other reason than the fact fans are hyped about seeing one of the most iconic groups in the history of comic books fall under the purview of Kevin Feige’s all-conquering franchise.

We’ve seen four movies starring the titular team so far, the very best of which could generously be described as mediocre. The first was only made to stop Marvel getting the rights back, while Tim Story’s duology were inoffensive to the point of tedium, before Josh Trank delivered one of the modern era’s worst superhero blockbusters.

If the MCU’s new take on Fantastic Four was acceptable and no more, it’d still be the best version of Marvel’s First Family we’ve ever seen, so at least the bar is set very low. Feige teased that casting news isn’t all that far away, and The Flash actor Jordan Fisher has now thrown his hat into the ring to play Johnny Storm, as you can see below.

The actor, singer and dancer is a multi-talented individual, best known for his stint as Bart Allen on The CW’s Arrowverse favorite, so there’s no real reason why he wouldn’t be able to land himself an audition for the Human Torch whenever Fantastic Four‘s casting process officially gets underway.