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The floor opens up for fans to debate the best 90-minute movies

Is it 'Rashomon, 'Office Space,' 'Videodrome,' or something else?


Twitter users are discussing the best short movies they’ve ever seen, as prompted by a post from Taste of Cinema.

The criteria supplied by ToC is any movie under 90 minutes, which eliminates quite a few films but leaves many faves.

User @gladlyPessimist helped open the discussion by listing Coherence (89 minutes), Hausu (AKA House) (88 minutes), Ruined Heart! Another Love Story Between a Criminal and a Whore (15 minutes), and the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre (83 minutes). User @MichaelAvolio shouted out Ingmar Bergman’s 1963 drama Winter Light (81 minutes), praising its writing, acting, and cinematography, while @selman_turel mentioned Alfred Hitchcock’s influential thriller Rope (80 minutes).

Coming from a different side of the cinemasphere, @Pooks_71 chose Perfect Blue (81 minutes), Ida (82 minutes), It’s Such a Beautiful Day (62 minutes), and Videodrome (89 minutes). Like many, @AdlerStyle stuck to the classics, picking Kurosawa’s Rashomon (88 minutes) and Bergman’s Persona (84 minutes).

In 2015, Taste of Cinema published its own list of great movies that are under 90 minutes. Among them are films we already mentioned like Rashomon, Persona, Rope, House, Videodrome, and Ida, plus lesser-known gems like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (74 minutes), The Lady From Shanghai (88 minutes), The Color of Pomegranates (78 minutes), and The Only Son (82 minutes) and better-known nuggets like Office Space (89 minutes), Before Sunset (80 minutes), This Is Spinal Tap (82 minutes), and Locke (85 minutes).

What’s your favorite sub-90 minute film? You can throw your hat into the ring here.

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