The Internet Bashes Horror Films Too Terrible To Finish

One of the best parts of horror is that there are so many opinions about movies and ways to interpret everything from the characters to their storylines.

Two horror fans could walk into a theater for the same film and come out with thoughts on the movie that might seem like they’d seen entirely different films. There are plot patterns, jump scares, character tropes, and more that make some fans love the same movie others hate.

Sometimes, however, some movies are so ‘bad’ it’s hard for any kind of horror fan to get through them. For whatever reason it may be, they just don’t work. Sometimes, these films cause fans to leave theaters; other times — they just turn off the streaming movie to never return and finish the rest of the story.

Let’s see which movies fans say they just couldn’t stand to finish.

This user went as far as to say the thought of the time they wasted makes them angry — we have to admit, we’ve felt the same way about some films.

This horror fan feels for everyone who just scrolls so far across scary movies that they’re left with films that aren’t exactly top of the line.

We’ve got to be honest, the idea of Slenderman is pretty terrifying, but this movie wasn’t exactly a hit with most fans.

This fan agrees with a previous post that says some of those Prime Video horror movies just don’t work for them.

This user just couldn’t get past the part in The Rite with Hopkins answering a phone during an exorcism.

Do you agree with any of the above movies? Which horror films could you not finish watching? Let us know.