The Internet Can’t Get Over Jared Leto’s House Of Gucci Transformation


One thing you can always guarantee from any Jared Leto performance is that the actor is going to do his best to ensure that he doesn’t look like Jared Leto at all. Even comic book adaptation Morbius, which he admitted is one of the first times he’s ever used his natural speaking voice in a movie, will culminate with him being buried under a mountain of prosthetics when the title antihero’s vampiric side comes out to play.

He lost 30 pounds and waxed his entire body for his Academy Award winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club, wore contact lenses that rendered him almost completely blind in Blade Runner 2049, put himself in a wheelchair with gout after piling on the weight to play John Lennon’s killer in Chapter 27, and spent the entirety of Suicide Squad‘s shoot in character.

Leto will be seen this coming November in Ridley Scott’s biographical drama House of Gucci, which tells the true story of how Patrizia Regianni plotted to kill her husband Maurizio, grandson of the fashion house’s founder. A character poster has revealed the 40 year-old as Paolo Gucci, and as you can see below, the internet had some thoughts.

House of Gucci boasts a stacked cast that includes Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek and more, but it shouldn’t come as a shock to hear that none of them have gone to the same lengths as Jared Leto when it comes to embodying their roles and making themselves completely unrecognizable. You can’t fault his commitment to everything that he does, and let’s just hope the performance matches the aesthetic, and his transformation doesn’t become too distracting whenever he’s onscreen.