The internet debates if ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is one of the worst superhero films ever

Wonder Woman 1984

While 2017’s Wonder Woman was a unanimously popular movie and helped steer the DCEU in the right direction, its follow-up, 2020’s Wonder Woman 1984, wasn’t met with the same level of acclaim, to put it mildly. Though you could argue that the raised expectations were one reason for its lesser reception, many felt that director Patty Jenkins’ sequel was much messier, campier and more tonally confused than its predecessor. But is WW84 really one of the worst superhero movies ever made?

That’s the inflammatory statement made by Twitter user @UsUnitedJustice that has got fans talking. The tweet went viral as comic book film lovers everywhere reacted to the hot take in a variety of ways…

Some people agreed wholeheartedly with the OP’s opinion, sharing their own disappointment with the flick.

For certain folks, it was the botched themes and hole-ridden plot that tanked it for them.

Others have never recovered from the betrayal.

Meanwhile, different fans just don’t accept that WW84 is one of the worst superhero movies ever when things like Shaq playing Steel and the 90s Captain America with the weird fake ears exist.

Alternatively, other folks genuinely love WW84 and weren’t shy in singing its praises.

Alongside its overt comic book-y-ness, some fans loved its optimistic values.

While it’s clear that some people still haven’t lived down the disappointment of seeing Wonder Woman 1984, the fact that others passionately defend it likely means it can’t be called one of the worst comic book films of all time, as there are so many others that no one is in a rush to stand up for — 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot springs to mind. Either way, Jenkins and star Gal Gadot will be wanting to ensure the upcoming Wonder Woman 3 is a much more crowd-pleasing affair.