Gal Gadot reveals when filming begins for ‘Wonder Woman 3’

Wonder Woman 1984

While it’s a reasonable assumption that the travesty of Wonder Woman 1984 and its utter failure at capturing what made the original film special would be enough to kill the hype for the movie franchise here and now, Warner Bros. still has a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to the disjointed narrative of the DCEU. For the as-of-yet untitled Wonder Woman 3, this ace of spades comes in the form of Lynda Carter, who’s set to return to the superhero game in the upcoming threequel.

Now that we’ve got the promotional factor covered, it comes down to making the film itself exciting and innovative. To that end, it seems director Patty Jenkins is taking things rather slowly this time. In the case of WW84, the sequel came out three years after the first installment, but according to what Gal Gadot recently told the InStyle magazine, Wonder Woman 3 will go into production in mid-2023 at the earliest.

Indeed, when asked to give an update on the upcoming third entry, the Cleopatra star said: “We’re developing the script right now. We’ll probably start in a year and a half or so.”

Previously, it was reported that due to Gadot’s other commitments, including Red Notice, 2022’s Death on the Nile, not to mention Kari Skogland’s Cleopatra, the threequel to Wonder Woman would be pushed back. Though now, it appears that Jenkins is also taking her time to really flesh out the narrative and avoid the pitfalls of Wonder Woman 1984, of which there were quite a few when the film came out in late 2020.