‘Wonder Woman 3’ star can’t wait to work with Lynda Carter

lynda carter wonder woman

It would be fair to say that Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sequel was a huge step down from its predecessor, with 1984 coming under heavy fire for a messy narrative, overlong running time and overall sense of self-indulgence that saw it arrive as a much more bloated and overstuffed blockbuster than it needed to be.

However, that doesn’t mean fans aren’t hyped for the third installment, which is widely expected to mark the end of Gal Gadot’s association with the iconic superhero. The post-credits scene of 1984 revealed that Lynda Carter was Asteria, the owner of the Golden Eagle armor that served Diana Prince so well in her battle against Maxwell Lord and Cheetah, setting the O.G. Wonder Woman up for an increased role in the next chapter.

That’s since been confirmed by both Jenkins and Gadot, with franchise stalwart Connie Nielsen revealing in an interview with PopCulture that while she hasn’t met Carter as of yet, she’s looking forward to the day.

“I have not met Lynda yet. I mean, I’ve met her briefly at the premiere, but I’ve not worked with her yet – so I don’t know what that’s like. We were on different sets, so I don’t know, but I look forward to having that experience for sure.”

Having Carter involved with Wonder Woman 3, but as a different character, is a smart way of paying tribute to the comic book favorite’s long and illustrious history without descending too far into the realms of self-awareness, and longtime fans of the classic TV show will be thrilled to see her back in the world of the Amazons.