The Internet Is Already Gushing Over Early Views Of Eternals

Image via Marvel

With Marvel’s Eternals set for wide release in theaters in just a couple of days, some Twitter users who have already seen early screenings are eager to defend the film following the somewhat disappointing news that the movie is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s only “rotten” entry on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s important to note that the score may change after the movie is widely released, and given how positive the reactions are so far, there’s a good chance it may be one of those outliers that boasts a positive audience score⏤which has yet to be calculated on the site⏤but a lackluster critical score. Past examples have included the cherished Hook, Rush Hour 2, and Space Jam.

Many are praising the movie for trying to do something different with the superhero genre and increasing representation for the LGBTQ+ and deaf communities.

Some are declaring the film more touched by director Chloé Zhao’s signature style of breathtaking landscapes and emotional character arcs than the typical MCU formula.

Critic Tessa Smith has taken to Twitter to ask where all the hate is actually stemming from.

Clayton Davis, an Awards Editor for Variety, even hailed it as an “upper tier MCU” film.

And the praise just kept on flooding in from enthusiastic fans.

Far from being rotten, one Twitter user said the film “felt fresh.”

One user even went so far as to call it a “masterpiece” and “the most unique MCU movie to date.”

We’re certainly even more interested in seeing Eternals than ever before given these glowing reactions. The film hits theaters Friday.