Eternals Becomes The MCU’s First Rotten Movie On Rotten Tomatoes


It was bound to happen eventually, but for the time being, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s impeccable track record on Rotten Tomatoes has come to an end. As recently as a couple of weeks ago it seemed impossible to believe that Eternals would be anything other than spectacular, but critics clearly aren’t in agreement with that sentiment.

In a cruel twist of irony, the first installment in the franchise to be helmed by a filmmaker with an Academy Award for Best Director under their belt has turned out as the lowest-rated ever on the aggregation site. At the time of writing, Chloé Zhao’s cosmic epic is sitting just under the threshold at 59%, but it’s not a foregone conclusion quite yet.

As we get closer to Eternals‘ November 5 release, the score could rise up or down, but with well over 110 reviews in the bag already, it’s likely to remain bottom of the pile behind the 66% accrued by Thor: The Dark World almost a decade ago. Of course, it won’t matter at all should the movie make a ton of money at the box office, but even that’s far from a guarantee in the age of COVID-19.

There’s already rumors flying around that a planned sequel could be in jeopardy, even though plenty of terrible films have spawned highly lucrative franchises, and it isn’t as though Eternals is being panned.