Chloé Zhao Could Reportedly Lose Directing Job For Eternals Sequel


Marvel’s latest film Eternals hasn’t even been released to the public yet but is already looking like it could be the worst-reviewed film in the MCU. The film is sitting at 61% on Rotten Tomatoes out of 106 reviews. If that number stays, it would mean Eternals has even worse reviews than the much-maligned Thor: The Dark World.

Director Chloé Zhao has recently become one of the hottest names in Hollywood after winning two Oscars for 2020’s Nomadland. She was quickly scooped up by Marvel to direct Eternals, but the studio could be having buyer’s remorse. According to a “trusted and proven” source for Giant Freakin Robot, Zhao could be replaced for the sequel to Eternals.

If true, that would be a quick fall from grace for the acclaimed director. Obviously, box office numbers are what is most important in the end, but poor reviews could drive people away from the theater. The Marvel brand is strong, but Eternals is a mostly unknown property. The studio has had success taking risks as they did with Guardians of the Galaxy, but that film received rave reviews upon release. Eternals is out on November 5 and how the film performs at the box office could decide if Zhao gets another crack at the property.