The Internet Is Begging Sony For A Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Instead Of Uncharted

tom holland spider-man

Fans of Tom Holland awoke to a new trailer starring one of their favorite actors, just not the one they were anticipating. Marvel fans have been waiting for news about Spider-Man: No Way Home and counting down the days until a second trailer for the movie is released.

When they signed on to social media today, however, fans were met with Holland in a trailer, but it was alongside Mark Wahlberg for the video game-inspired film, Uncharted. To say many fans are a little confused would be an understatement.

While the trailer was largely an exciting moment for Uncharted fans, the cry for more No Way Home news couldn’t be drowned out.

With a December 17th release date, fans are more anxious than ever for a Spider-Man No Way Home trailer, and rightfully so. With recent Disney/Marvel delays, they’re a little concerned that Spider-Man No Way Home may join the list of films we have to wait a little longer to see.

So the reactions to the trailer were a mix of everything from excited to downright upset that we haven’t seen that second No Way Home trailer yet. Let’s look at what fans are saying about Uncharted, Sony, and our beloved Spider-Man.

This fan is anxious for the trailer or any updates at all. We’re just about 60 days out from its theatrical debut, and everyone is searching for breadcrumbs.

This fan says, fine, now can we please get the next trailer for Spider-Man?

Fans just really — REALLY — want No Way Home news, specifically the second trailer for the movie.

Some are also commenting that we can be grateful we, at the least, got a Spider-Man pose out of the whole thing.

Is it asking too much for some No Way Home news?

This user says we basically got a Spider-Man trailer with Mark Wahlberg acting as Iron Man somehow.

The patience of Spider-Man fans is just going out the window at this point.

Finally, this user spoke their mind about it simply; they really just care about Spider-Man.

For those who do care about Uncharted, many say that the trailer for the film looks great and can’t wait to see it. While some are a little unsure about casting, they’re overall thrilled that there’s a film coming out next year.

So, are you one of the excited-for-Uncharted fans, or are you more of an I-don’t-care-until-it’s-Spider-Man: No Way Home? Let us know!