The Internet Is Roasting Patty Jenkins For Saying Streaming Movies Look Fake

Patty Jenkins

Film snobbery is a very real thing in the industry, but it comes in different levels. For example, Steven Spielberg said he’d never direct a feature for streaming, which is perfectly fine because he’s one of the all-time greats and can do whatever the hell he pleases, but that didn’t stop him from okaying a deal that’ll see his Amblin Partners company produce multiple movies for Netflix on an annual basis.

Similarly, Quentin Tarantino still shoots his movies on celluloid having forgone the age of digital, but one of Hollywood’s foremost supporters of the theatrical experience nonetheless partnered up with Netflix to re-edit The Hateful Eight into a four-episode miniseries because it was an interesting creative experiment that allowed his revisionist Western to be viewed from a new angle.

Then, there’s Patty Jenkins. The Wonder Woman and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron director blasted straight-to-streaming releases as looking fake, a blanket statement that comes across as an entitled and elitist point of view, especially when so many of her peers have helmed projects for various platforms, many of which have been great. As you can see below, the internet evidently doesn’t agree with her sentiments.

Of course, Jenkins was more than happy to allow Wonder Woman 1984 to score a hybrid release when she was reportedly awarded a bonus of around $10 million to compensate for lost box office-related bonuses. Not only that, but something like David Fincher’s Mank, Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 or Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom looks a damn sight more real than whatever happened to David Thewlis and Kristen Wiig in the third acts of the filmmaker’s DCEU duo.