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The internet is wishing a happy Father’s Day to its favorite MCU dads

Here's to all the super-dads out there.

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Father’s Day isn’t just for honoring real dads, but fictional dads who also serve as mentors.

On this Father’s Day, Twitter users are shouting out the MCU for their fantastic fathers and father figures, starting with Scott Lang.

It’s no mystery why Lang is considered the MCU’s best father. He became a superhero (Ant-Man) to pay child support for his daughter Cassie. Few, if any, other MCU characters are as devoted to their children as Scott is to Cassie. He even got a job at Baskin-Robbins for her!

Another celebrated MCU dad is Tony Stark, who didn’t always want to have a child, but when he did he did it well (minus dying).

Rounding out the list of acclaimed Marvel daddies is Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, who is obsessed with his family. He’d rather live a domestic life than a superhero one, but, of course, the greater world needs him. Vision is also close to his kids. According to The Direct, he’s the only MCU father to be shown raising babies.

The newest MCU super-dad, Yusuf Khan from Ms. Marvel, is also getting lots of love.

Although his character Stephen Strange isn’t a father, a couple fans have credited Benedict Cumberbatch as the best MCU dad. This is in recognition of his fatherly behavior toward his younger MCU co-stars like Tom Holland and Xochitl Gomez.

Do you have a favorite MCU dad? If so, you can sing his praises on Twitter this Father’s Day.

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