The internet really hopes Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder are legally married

keanu reeves winona ryder

When Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder reunited for acerbic romantic comedy Destination Wedding in 2018, the two stars let slip that they may have actually been legally married for over 20 years without even realizing.

During production on Francis Ford Coppola’s sumptuous Gothic fantasy Dracula, the filmmaker brought in a genuine Romanian priest to shoot the scene where Reeves’ Jonathan Harker and Ryder’s Mina Murray make their vows, who went through the whole ceremony as he would during any other wedding.

Fast forward nearly three decades, and as far as the duo are aware, it’s still legit. Reeves and Ryder have been one of Twitter’s top trending topics after the Speed and John Wick star admitted that he’s happy to maintain the illusion that he and his opposite number are wed in the eyes of the lord, and fans have been responding in kind.

Given that Reeves and Ryder are both currently in relationships, they might want to have a word with their respective partners about their current marital status, or lack thereof. Nobody really seems to know what’s going on, and unless they can track down the Romanian officiate from the 1992 Dracula adaptation, the entire situation will remain shrouded in mystery for as long as they try and maintain the illusion.