‘The Last Duel’ gets reappraised after people actually watch it

the last duel

Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel found itself in the headlines on several occasions after releasing in theaters on October 15, but the reasons were hardly of the positive variety.

The $100 million historical epic flopped spectacularly at the box office, recouping just over $30 million, although it did go on to find instant success on streaming. Scott then found himself getting roasted online after claiming the reason the movie bombed was because millennials couldn’t tear themselves away from their phones long enough to make the trip to their local multiplex, before he caused another firestorm when a clip of him telling a journalist to go f*ck themselves after questioning The Last Duel‘s historical accuracy went viral.

However, the 14th Century tale of twisted perspectives and systemic misogyny has been undergoing a substantial reappraisal on Twitter, for the sole reason that people have actually had a chance to watch it for themselves.

the last duel

It’s ironic that streaming (and piracy) would open up The Last Duel to an entirely new and wider audience given Scott’s criticisms and fingers of blame regarding the film’s theatrical performance, but it can’t be denied the veteran filmmaker has delivered the latest in his very long line of accomplished, uncompromising and acclaimed features.