Watch: Ridley Scott tells interviewer to go f*ck himself

ridley scott

Ridley Scott has been veering dangerously close to ‘old man yells at cloud territory’ recently, having described the superhero genre as “f*cking boring as sh*t”, becoming the latest veteran filmmaker to voice his displeasure at big budget tales featuring spandex-clad crimefighters.

On top of that, he also blamed millennials unable to tear themselves away from their cellphones for The Last Duel bombing at the box office, which ironically came shortly before his House of Gucci landed the highest-grossing opening weekend since 2019 for a straightforward drama.

The 83 year-old is at it again, after taking issue with a line of questioning from a reporter. Despite being praised in a roundabout way for how The Last Duel took more pride in historical accuracy than Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood, the Alien and Blade Runner architect let rip with a foul-mouthed tirade, which you can see below.

the last duel

The most shocking thing about the clip is that Jodie Comer somehow managed to retain her composure in the midst of such unprofessionalism from her director, who should really know better at this stage of his career than to start lobbing F-bombs in the direction of the press. Historical accuracy be damned; The Last Duel has at least managed to find success on streaming, which is probably the opposite of what Scott would have wanted.