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The Latest My Hero Academia Movie Is Dominating Theaters In Japan

It's currently ranked extremely high at the Japanese box office.

My Hero academia

One of today’s most popular anime series My Hero Academia recently launched the third feature-length film in the series My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes’ Mission and even in its short theatrical run it has been an overwhelming success.

According to a report by Anime News Network, the film has earned around 1.6 billion yen (around $14.62 million USD) in just the first 10 days after opening on Aug. 6. According to the report the movie has sold more than 1.28 million tickets and is currently ranked #3 at the Japanese box office after falling from #2 in its second week.

World Heroes’ Mission looks to be a fast earner from the franchise in comparison to the previous films, with the latest drawing in around 940 million yen in the first four days, in comparison to the previous My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising which only earned around 422 million in its first three days, but ultimately an impressive 1.72 billion yen in its theatrical run. My Hero Academia has always been a big earner with the first film in the franchise Two Heroes also reportedly making 1.72 billion yen after it opened in theatres in July 2018.

While the films within the series including the latest World Heroes’ Mission might be disconnected from the animes story, with the original manga creator Kohei Horikoshi as chief supervisor, some theatergoers in Japan have received a bonus manga volume “Vol. World Heroes” that is limited to just one million copies.

Right now there is no international release date confirmed for the My Hero Academia film, however, fans will likely hear news on this in the coming months.

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