The latest Twitter craze has fans adding songs to movie titles with hilarious results


Social media can be an unpredictable trend at the best of times, and outside of SnyderVerse supporters, you can never predict what’s going to take the Twittersphere by storm and become the next hot topic of conversation that garners attention all over the world.

True to form, the latest unexpected and yet wholesome hilarious craze is #AddASongToAMovieTitle, which is exactly as it sounds. All you need to do is take the name of a song and weld it onto the moniker of a feature, and it’s captured the imagination of both the film and music sides of Twitter.

As you can see below, some of the mashups are nothing short of inspired, and it’s already causing us to imagine how wonderfully bizarre the final products would be.

Film Twitter and Music Twitter often run in alignment, and there’s always guaranteed to be fireworks when the two collide to deliver one of the day’s top hashtags. Some of these are truly remarkable in how the hell anybody even managed to have such a random, outlandish or obscure thought pop into their head, but we’re definitely here for it.

Let’s hope this carries on throughout the rest of the day, because if you need a laugh, #AddASongToAMovieTitle is guaranteed to draw out at least a wry smile.