‘The Lion King’ thirst tweet opens up a questionable debate on lusting for animated animals

It’s 2022 and by now the world has simply accepted that there are a lot of people out there horny for anthropomorphic animal characters. Who are we to judge how people get their yucks in the privacy of their own homes or around like-minded people? And anyway, many of these characters are essentially humans with animal ears and tails, so what’s the harm?

Well, the internet seems to have just decided where to draw the line. An image of Nala from The Lion King was posted that has social media debating whether it’s okay to be aroused by a cartoon lion.

The best reaction was @ManiacXVII’s quote tweet saying that you shouldn’t be attracted to a “whole ass animal”:

And, right on time, here are the crowds arguing that this lion has got it going on:

But Nala is really scratching the surface, as it seems that as long as a character is vaguely female, people will want to get bizzay:

The lust doesn’t stop with lions:

Others reply with the age-old “Harkness test”:

None of this should be particularly surprising to anyone that’s spent any time on the internet, but it is perhaps notable that we’re at the stage where so many people will freely admit in public that they want to boink a “whole ass animal”. Who can say what the future holds, save that ever more realistic CGI pornography coupled with VR headsets and advanced teledildonics may well edge these fantasies closer to reality.