‘The Matrix Resurrections’ post-credits scene has cat-astrophic implications

The Matrix Resurrections

This article contains minor spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections

The MCU has helped popularize credits scenes in movies. These traditionally give us a tease of what the studio has planned next: either introducing new characters or plot reveals that’ll pay off in the future. The Matrix Resurrections has one too – and it’s entirely in keeping for a movie that spends a surprising amount of time making fun of the studio system.

The first act of Resurrections is devoted to Neo’s new life in the Matrix, where he’s an acclaimed video game developer known for his ‘Matrix’ trilogy games. As we begin, he’s being pressured into making a fourth, participating in a round-table with some very annoying characters as they brainstorm how to best update the franchise.

And so, after the credits we don’t get a hint at where Neo’s adventures will take him next but… more discussion on what the next place to take The Matrix is. Their conclusion: “The Catrix”, combining loveable felines with bullet-time action. I can’t deny their idea isn’t a money-spinner, but let’s face it, it’s just a silly joke that doesn’t point to any future projects.

Of course, Resurrections already has a cute cat that plays a surprisingly large role in the plot. Neil Patrick Harris’ Analyst has a black cat named Déjà vu. This references the scene in the first movie and seems to travel everywhere with him – though Neo has a particular dislike of the adorable feline for what it represents.

The Matrix Resurrections is already proving incredibly divisive, and I expect it’ll be debated over for years. You can now check it out in theaters or via HBO Max.