‘The Matrix’ trilogy explodes in popularity on streaming

the matrix

If you weren’t around at the time, then it’s hard to overstate just how much of a paradigm shift The Matrix was when it first exploded into theaters back in 1999. By now you’ll have witnessed countless imitations, parodies and ripoffs, and we’ve long since passed the point where people that haven’t even seen the movie are fully aware of its major narrative, visual and dialogue beats.

Four years later, the world was gripped by Matrix fever all over again when it was announced sequels Reloaded and Revolutions would be releasing just six months apart. The former did massive business at the box office and was fairly well-received, but the closing chapter saw takings drop by over $300 million, before being roundly criticized as a disappointing conclusion to a potential all-timer of a series.

However, the recent release of The Matrix Resurrections has reignited interest in the franchise, with the original trilogy having surged in popularity on streaming. As per FlixPatrol, the trio account for three of the four most-watched titles on HBO Max, but that’s not all.

The Matrix is also on the cusp of cracking Netflix’s Top 20, with Reloaded a little further back at number 35, while Revolutions has just about made it onto the charts. Throw in strong showings on Google Play Movies, IMDb and Letterboxd, and it’s like we’re living in the early 2000s all over again.