Things Get Hairy On This New International Poster For The Meg


As The Meg‘s larger-than-life promotional campaign begins to enter the homestretch, Warner Bros. has today unleashed another international poster for what may well be 2018’s ultimate popcorn movie.

It’s certainly a far cry from the sun-soaked poster from earlier in the week – the only real similarity is that it’s captured underwater, where we see Steve Alten’s 75-foot megalodon bare down on its prey: Jason Statham and Li Bingbing.

They’re each piloting a rocket-propelled submersible, though even the latest underwater technology is no match for this beast, which appears to have just sunk its super-sized teeth into a giant squid, based on the wisps of black smoke rising against the deep blue sea.

If nothing else, it’s just another insanely cool poster to add to The Meg‘s collection, and as this is a joint venture with the Beijing-based Gravity Pictures, Warner Bros. brass will be crossing their fingers in the hope that Jon Turteltaub’s deep-sea thriller makes a big splash in the Middle Kingdom.

Story-wise, we know The Meg is a loose adaptation of Steve Alten’s bestseller, and follows Jason Statham on his mission to stop the unstoppable. Flanked by a Chinese oceanographer (Winston Chao) and his daughter Suyin (Li Bingbing), Statham’s Jonas Taylor dives beneath the waves in order to confront this prehistoric monster.

And should the stars align, there’s even been talk of a possible film franchise being launched soon after The Meg makes its debut. Hey, if Sharknado is able to embrace its silliness and keep churning out a new movie every other year, we have no qualms with Jason Statham et. al dusting themselves off for round two.

First thing’s first: The Meg docks in select theaters on August 10th.