‘The New Mutants’ star doesn’t regret the infamous Marvel misfire

The New Mutants

Maisie Williams was an incredibly good sport when The New Mutants was finally dumped into theaters in August 2020, retweeting a review that called it the worst X-Men movie ever made, in an effort to convince fans that they should head down to their local multiplex and find out for themselves whether that was true or not.

Josh Boone’s mutant spinoff endured a hellish road to the big screen, suffering from extensive reshoots that may or may not have completely overhauled the film from top to bottom depending on who you believe, before it spent two years being bounced around the schedule.

In fact, The New Mutants took so long that it evolved from being the last X-Men project to hail from 20th Century Fox to the first distributed by Disney, but it was clear that the Mouse House had little interest in putting the weight of the marketing machine behind a comic book blockbuster they had nothing to do with.

However, in an interview with GQ style, Williams once again brought up her embracing of the vitriol, and said she doesn’t regret anything about the Marvel misfire.

“We were all these young starlets who’d had a taste of that world. I can’t remember what publication it was, but someone said it was the worst Marvel movie ever made. I still feel kinda proud of that!”

It was an unfortunate end to such a long-running saga, but at least the cast of The New Mutants don’t seem to harbor any ill will towards the movie.