The original ‘Home Alone’ house is on Airbnb for a limited time

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The gorgeous home featured in the first Home Alone movie is currently available to rent on Airbnb.

The listing is supposedly hosted by Buzz, Kevin’s impertinent older brother from the 1990 film. A photo of the host features a very old photo of Buzz from the early 90s, rather than the actor —now 44— who played him. The host’s description also leans into the immersive Home Alone experience the listing is clearly going for, describing Buzz as “a little bit of an instigator back in the day,” who was “generally seeking to torment my kid siblings.” The listing uses a few inside jokes for fans of the series, noting that Buzz is “happy to share my childhood home – my pizza, even – with you this holiday season.”

The entire home is listed on the website for rent, but no price is currently attached to the listing. That’s because bookings don’t become available until Dec. 7, at which point interested renters can fight over the home’s single rental opportunity.

Photos of the home display the multi-bedroom house in all of its Christmas glory. The front door and nearby bushes are all decked out in Christmas lights and a tidy wreath, and each room is absolutely drenched in pristine Christmas decorations. Even the bedrooms are dripping with Christmas spirit, with color-coordinated linens, curtains, and pillows.

The house is fully prepped for whichever lucky fan manages to cinch the listing’s Christmas celebration. It comes with a decorated tree, photos of the McCallister family hung on the walls, and even a line of stockings hung above the fireplace. Numerous nods to the original film are scattered through the house, including a bucket of paint hanging above the main staircase.

Home Alone house
Image via Airbnb

The home is only available to rent on Dec. 12. No other dates are or will be made available, according to the listing’s description. Booking for the single-night stay will open on Dec. 7 at 1pm Central Time. The description also promises a one-of-a-kind stay, complete with plenty of junk food —Kevin style— and a chance to see this year’s addition to the Home Alone franchise, Home Sweet Home Alone on Disney Plus.

The lucky renter’s unique experience will be topped off by a member of the “McCallister Security team,” who will meet renters at the home to “ensure a comfortable stay for you and your family.”

This will include showing the renters around, arranging food and drink, and “gifting you with a LEGO Ideas Home Alone set to take and build at home.”

Anyone looking to book will need to adhere to local COVID-19 guidelines, which include “wearing a mask and practicing social distancing when required by local laws or guidelines, and abiding by our five-step enhanced cleaning process.”

The house accommodates four guests between two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. It has free parking on the premises, a working fireplace, and a television. It also offers Wi-Fi and provides breakfast for its guests, but does not have a working kitchen.

Anyone interested in living their own Home Alone experience will need to be quick, given the listing’s fleeting availability, it is certain to go fast.

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