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The Predator Hailed As The Scariest One Yet As Shane Black Shares New Footage

Shane Black's redo of The Predator is shaping up to be the franchise's scariest movie yet, according to this new promo from AMC Theaters.

With its R rating and genetically advanced enemy, there’s a very good chance The Predator will be remembered as the franchise’s most accomplished achievement.

Failing that, it’ll certainly go down in history as the scariest Predator movie yet. That’s according to writer-director Shane Black, who offered a little more insight into his star-studded reinvention as part of AMC’s exclusive promo.

Embedded below, it also contains a sliver of new footage from Black’s horror-thriller, in which you’ll see the 10-foot Mega Predator begin to make its presence felt. Spoilers: it rips one of its subordinates through a concrete wall before forcibly removing its gnarly head, which certainly goes some ways to explaining that blood-red poster proclaiming that the hunt has evolved since John McTiernan first introduced his apex predator all those years ago.

Here’s what Shane Black had to say about what’s in store:

After 30 years of Predator movies, it’s the right time to resurrect [this franchise]. I am blessed to have the opportunity to play in that sandbox. We’re trying to grow this thing and encompass, in one movie, all the genre things we love. This is the scariest one. We’re upgrading the Predator to the next level of deadliness.

Bigger, badder… and better? Only on September 14th will we have a firm answer to the latter question, but based on everything we’ve seen thus far, The Predator should bring us just enough entertainment value to rekindle our love for jet-black alien hunters and their butt-ugly faces.

Shane Black’s R-rated redo of The Predator will be with us on September 14th, and it’s reportedly tracking for a $30 million opening weekend here in the States. Stay tuned for more on the film’s box office forecast as we approach D-day.

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