EXCLUSIVE: Could The Purge 3 Revolve Around Michael K. Williams’ Character?


Let me be realistic for a second here and make sure we’re all on the same page – The Purge 3 has not been confirmed. We still have to see how The Purge: Anarchy does at the box office, because the sequel’s performance could make or break any future franchise entries, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t already talking. James DeMonaco has created a formula that can be re-visited each year, and if the dollar signs are right, you better believe producers are going to start churning these things out like Saw movies – which isn’t a bad thing if the ideas are there.


While I was talking to both Michael K.Williams and James DeMonaco in Coney Island about their upcoming thriller The Purge: Anarchy, the conversation gravitated towards ideas of where a sequel could go. My favorite character of The Purge: Anarchy is hands down Williams’ radical underground leader Carmelo, yet he’s not in the movie that much, just some television clips that play and a gangbusters entrance – but that all might be for a reason. While speaking to Williams about how I’d love to see a Purge movie around his character’s group, he mentioned that might be in the works already:

Michael K. Williams: Hopefully, that’s been the rumor mill, that there’s going to be a 3 and that Carmelo is going to be at the helm. I think that’s a possibility, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hearing this, I had to bring it up with DeMonaco later on, and the writer/director also echoed the same sentiments while stating there might have been a reason for Williams’ minimal appearances:

WGTC: OK, if there’s going to be a Purge 3, it has to be Carmelo’s rise. It has to!

James DeMonaco: That’s the seed that was purposefully planted…I don’t know if we’ll be lucky enough to do it, but I purposefully planted him in there, and I made sure I got Michael K. Williams who I love…all very purposeful.

With all that said, we’re still just speculating, as DeMonaco and I ran through roughly a billion different Purge scenarios that could make killer sequels, but trust me when I say you’ll be wanting more Carmelo once you see Williams’ Malcom-X-inspired role. If there’s going to be a The Purge 3, I’d love to see this idea become a reality – but that decision is going to be up to producers and their money.

Will we get to see Carmelo’s rise? Only time will tell…

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