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The Purge Creator Says America Will Be ‘Remapped’ In Next Film

The movie could be similar to Escape from New York.

The Forever Purge

While James DeMonaco planned to end the Purge film series with The Forever Purge, he has an idea for a sixth movie.

DeMonaco told Comicbook.com of his plans for another sequel, and if it’s made, he thinks it would be in the same vein as the 1981 film Escape from New York, which saw Manhattan transformed into a maximum-security prison in response to anarchy around the country.

“I’ll say this: the America that we enter into in Purge 6 is not the America we now live in. It’s been remapped, I should say, in a unique way. And we’re entering into this very changed surface of America,” the Purge franchise creator James DeMonaco said. “And the other thing I can say because I think it’s already out there, is that, if it happens, it is the return of Frank Grillo’s Leo character, so that’s fun. But it’s definitely … A new America has been formed. And after, it’s about 10 to 15 years after The Forever Purge.”

In The Forever Purge, the New Founding Fathers of America regain control of the United States government and bring back the annual Purge, which allows all citizens to do whatever they want without any consequences for 12 hours. The movie follows migrant couple Juan and Adela, who illegally enter the U.S. from Mexico. Juan and Adela find safety in a migrant community ahead of their first Purge, but a group of nationalists vows to kill the migrants. While they all seem to survive the Purge, they discover some Purgers have decided to not stop when the 12-hour mark hit, which leads to widespread chaos.

DeMonaco said in regards to a sixth Purge movie that while the script has been completed for the project, he is unsure if the movie will ultimately be greenlit.

The Forever Purge is available via Prime Video for $19.99.

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