The Queen’s Gambit Creator Producing New Thriller Franchise

the queen's gambit
Image via Netflix

Scott Frank has been putting out stellar work for almost a quarter of a century, but the success of his Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit has taken his career to new heights. The smash hit landed him a Golden Globe, two Emmys and no shortage of critical acclaim.

Fans of the filmmaker will be well aware of his talents with his involvement in Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight, James Mangold’s Logan and Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, not to mention his previous Netflix episodic event Godless. As per Variety, Frank has now signed on to produce what could potentially be an eight-film thriller franchise.

Paramount Players have optioned Gregg Hurwitz’s entire Marked Man series of books and will be adapting them as mid-budget contemporary genre films. Do No Harm, The Crime Writer, Trust No One, They’re Watching, You’re Next, The Survivor, Tell No Lies and Don’t Look Back have all won stellar reviews, and while they’re not connected by a main character, they do possess thematic connections.

On top of writing 22 books as an author, Hurwitz co-wrote the screenplay for Jason Momoa’s recent Netflix smash hit Sweet Girl, and the thought of him partnering up with Frank for a string of noir-infused thrillers packed with subterfuge and intrigue is definitely something worth keeping on your radar.